Sunday, 3 June 2012

Punxatawney Phil

We shot PUNXATAWNEY PHIL over 2 days ( wow - first GROUND HOG DAY reference) about 2 weeks ago at a very steep set of stairs in Newcastle. The crew was Graham Bryant and myself. Graham is a member of our club, Newcastle Video Makers Club and a very experienced film maker. You'll notice from his work on LLYND NAIRN LADY JUGGLER and this film, that his specialty is close ups. And he shot this hand held and it was rock steady, well focused and easy on the eye. It wouldn't have been the same film without him. On the first day's filming we were equipped with large plastic Slinkys and these just didn't work. We couldn't get a decent run out of them. The next day we had smaller metal ones and these weren't much better, I had visions of footage of Slinkys racing up lots of steps chasing me running backwards behind them but the most we could get them to do was 3 or 4 steps! The music comes from my Corel editing package and it works well. We entered our film in our club's latest open competition “Unexpected Outcome or Parkland” and we scored a 2nd place. Graham and I had a lot of fun making it and for a short one joke film I think it works well.

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