Sunday, 29 July 2012

Llynda Nairn Lady Juggler

Llynda Nairn Lady Juggler was shot earlier this year whilst Llynda was performing at a local shopping complex. She is such a talent and the children just loved her awesome juggling skills. During her show Llynda sings and does humorous banter. Sadly we couldn't use the raw audio because the backing tracks were all copy write. The music that we did use however, was by Sarah De Jong and mixed by Phillip Howe. We had 3 cameras on this one: a wide shot from me on a tripod behind the children; Mark Owens with his wonderful camera work doing various angles; and Graham Bryant who had a roving commission and did a lot of hand held stuff - including some quite lovely reaction shots on the kid's faces. The 3 cameras made a huge difference in the choices we had available to us in the final edit. Ultimately the success of the film lies squarely with Llynda. Check out the cups and saucers on her head.

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