Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Evolution of Bovine Language

I'd heard about the required item for the Rocky Fringe film festival (BULL) and I had an idea, so I story boarded it and pitched it to Ian Huish. And that was the end of my involvement with the film. Huish took the Bull by the horns and ran with it - his finished film had lots of different ideas and jokes, Ian provided all of the wonderful animation, the narration, the Bull's vocals, the sound edit, incidental music. Ian's wife Jen sang the ROCKY'S MOOSLI “keep ya movin” jingle and the eye catching titles - he did the lot! And I think he had a lot of fun making the film. The only other input was my wife Carolyn who gave the film it's title. So we took a punt and flew up to Rockhampton for the Rocky Fringe film festival on the 31st of August earlier this year AND WE WON!!!! Wow, what a huge thrill. It was great to collaborate with Ian - he is such a talent and has a wonderful sense of fun. Thanks mate.

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