Monday, 6 February 2012

Dirt Doggies

Dirt Doggies was filmed a few years ago at Barnsley NSW. The film features a friend of mine Nathan Searle and a mad keen group of his fellow BMX riders. Nathan and his mates have developed this bush circuit over a number of years and they regularly maintain the track when it rains or is attacked by vandals. It is such an exuberant, high energy sport and I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to make a short film about it. Newcastle Video Makers friend Geoff Peel helped out again as second camera on the day. Music once again was by Mark Salter or Merewether Fats as he is known in Newcastle. Nathan had previously shown me some examples of BMX films and most of these feature Metal or Thrash music but I think Mark Salter's Harmonica blast is just the perfect background for the warp speed BMX action!

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