Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What’s coming up…..

I've just completed 2 short one minute films - Le Pont D'Amour my first foreign language film and ‘Walkies’ another comedy starring Malcolm Young. This week I'm hoping to complete my next film LAIR. Lair is a creepy atmospheric story and once again Ian Huish has been a big help in bringing my idea to its conclusion.

In the next month I'm filming a gaol story with Don Lowe and two comedies called Back Summie and Earthquake Man. Plus I've already shot, but not edited a film about a comedy juggler. Llynda Nairn. I’m going to be busy.



The big one for us is on the far distant horizon (four years) we're going to have a crack at making a mainstream movie on a budget that you'd need a microscope to find. And that will be really something to look forward to.

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